Precise engineering delivers light pulsing at exactly 40Hz, mirroring the brain’s healthy gamma rhythm and improving mental acuity, memory and attention.

Introducing BEACON40®

Personal 40Hz Light Therapy

Fill your room with light that promotes brain health. Multiple configurations can be set up and used throughout the day and evening.


We are passionate in our fight to end cognitive decline.

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Discover how 40Hz light may help you live a more engaged life filled with memories.

Hope For Alzheimer's Disease Is Available Now!

Backed by Science

Precise engineering delivers lights pulsing at 40Hz, mirroring the brain’s healthy gamma rhythm and improving mental acuity, memory and attention.

Precision Design Meets Caregiver Needs

Choose a comfortable location to set up your lights. The remote control allows for easy use without interrupting daily routines.

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For daily use

Beautiful, safe, smart light for your home office, kitchen or living room. BEACON40® Solo provides nurturing ambience, like a candle casting light that rejuvenates brain health and enhances cognitive function.


PRICE:                    $ 249.00


How It Works

Create a personal wellness routine in a few simple steps.

Set The Tone:

Depending on the time of day, you may prefer a warm, white or cool setting. Cool tones are best in daytime and try a warmer lights in the evenings.

Set The Brightness:

Choose the best position for your lights and then select your preferred luminosity. If your lights are close by try a dimmer setting, or at a distance, a brighter setting will fill the room with light.

Set The Timer:

It’s easy to set an auto-timer for your lights. Recommended use for the BEACON40™ is at least one hour every day. Set your time preference and be worry-free while you go about your day.

What Users Are Saying

Join families like yours who are already noticing the benefits of 40Hz Light

My grandfather sits in the same armchair in the living room in the evening hours. The BEACON40 ™ lights are placed on the adjacent wall about one meter from his armchair. They stay on each day until he leaves the room. Lately, his home attendant reports that she is seeing improvement in his everyday behavior and orientation!

Leon K

My father is 88 years old with a medical history of heart attack. 1 ½ years ago, he had a car accident crashing into a parked car. He did not recall how it happened. He has been using BEACON40™ lights daily since April 2018 in the evenings. He does not find it difficult to use and says he feels more calm and focused. He says it's "very calming." I noticed him to be more balanced and coordinated since using the lights. He has improved attention and the ability to recall details of conversations. I'm very pleased with the results we have been seeing so far.

Margaret M.

My grandmother likes to sit on her couch in the morning with BEACON40™ lights placed across from the couch. Since she started using the lamp, we have seen some improvement in my grandma's mental acuity. My grandfather and my aunt (her daughter) also say that she requires fewer reminders to do certain things.

Marina T.


The Power Of Light

In 2015, neuroscientists at leading institutions on brain health ran a study on light therapy—where a 40Hz flickering light shined into the eye induced healthy gamma rhythm in the brain. The research showed that hippocampal levels of beta-amyloid proteins in mice fell by 40-50 percent after only one hour of exposure to 40HZ light. -MedicalNewsToday

Healthy brains feature brain waves or gamma rhythms that oscillate at roughly 40Hz. These gamma frequencies are associated with higher-order cognitive function. In the Alzheimer’s brain an unusual buildup of amyloid plaque inhibits brain waves and disrupts function.Just the way plaque builds up on the arteries and can cause heart disease, and plaque buildup on teeth and can cause gum disease, the buildup of plaques in the brain cause cognitive decline and dementia.

The researchers noted that the 40HZ light flicker stimulation triggers a tremendous microglia response. Microglia are the brain’s immune cells that clear cell debris and toxic waste including amyloid plaques. They are known as the brain’s natural cleaners. Microglia function is impaired in Alzheimer’s disease, but 40HZ light seems to restore their abilities. This study represents the first scientific findings offering noninvasive treatment for Alzheimer’s. It provided a flicker of hope to the HomeoLux team.

While comprehensive clinical studies are still currently underway on humans, HomeoLux understands that families battling cognitive decline are running a race against time. Their mission is to fast-track scientific research to bring safe, easy-to-use wellness routines for brain health.

HomeoLux has made safe, noninvasive, 40Hz light systems available now for all to use at home.

Just like brushing your teeth, it's easy to create a daily routine to experience the life-changing benefits of 40Hz light!

Since using these lights, dad has started making jokes (he hasn't done that in a while) and he is taking an active interest in his grandchildren. He is also more focused, and more attentive to his surroundings than he has been in a long time.

Gene S.

In my 25 years of practice as a Physical Therapist,  I've never seen a return of speech function in an Alzheimer's patient as I observed with Lynn. I'm amazed by the effects of the Beacon40 lights.

David S.

Available Now!

BEACON4O® Personal

For home and office

Fits seamlessly into personal spaces like your office, your dining or your living room. BEACON40® Personal fades into the background while stimulating brain function and mirroring healthy brain waves.


PRICE:                   $399.00


Promising research on treating and preventing cognitive decline and Alzheimer's with 40Hz light is currently underway. Get up to date on the science behind 40Hz Light below!

Check Out The Research

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Alzheimer's: How light therapy could protect the brain.

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*Worry Free 30 Day Returns

*Worry Free 30 Day Returns

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do I need to spend using the lights?

A: We recommend using the lights for at least an hour a day. Make this one of your daily habits, just like you brush your teeth or exercise. This is why we designed BEACON40 to be seamless and easy to use.

Q: How should I use my Beacon40 light system?

A: The Beacon40 is designed to be convenient and easy to use. For recommended use, sit comfortably with the lights in your peripheral view about 3 to 12 feet away for at least one hour per day. Use your lights while you work, watch TV or read.

Q: Might Beacon40 be preventative against Alzheimer’s disease?

A: An abundance of naturally occurring amyloid plaques in the brain can be responsible for interrupting healthy brain rhythms. Recent research has indicated that these plaques begin to build up in the brain 15 to 20 years before any behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer's become apparent. Just like you brush your teeth to keep plaque away — it’s beneficial to have a proactive routine to maintain healthy brain function.

Research has shown that gamma light therapy may operate both to reduce the amount of amyloid plaque buildup and to excite healthy brain function. The use of Beacon40 lights may have a positive effect in the prevention of the development of Alzheimer's in at-risk individuals who have not yet been diagnosed with the disease.

A: Beacon40 delivers pulses of light at 40Hz . That’s 40 flashes per second. It is a noninvasive method of stimulating the brain's activity and rejuvenating healthy gamma rhythms.  When disturbance in the brain's gamma rhythm occurs, cognitive function is impaired.

Q: How does Beacon40 work?

A: Everyone is different and we meet people at varying ages and  stages of cognitive decline. Generally, our users tell us that at about 6 weeks of routine use, they notice a qualitative difference. It’s different for everyone. And we’re curious to hear your experience.

Q: How long should I use Beacon40 before I begin to see results?

Q: Can I use the lights at night?

A: Beacon40 lights can be used at any time of day. For nighttime use, we recommend setting the tone dial to the warmest setting. You can adjust the color tone and brightness to your preference.

Q: Can I use Beacon40 while I'm taking medications?

A: We recommend Beacon40 as a complement to your doctor-prescribed protocols. Always talk to your doctor when adding any supplement to your routine. 

No drug interactions are known to occur with the use of Beacon40, but you should always consult a doctor in advance if you have concerns regarding specific medication interactions. Beacon40 should not be used to replace medications or other prescribed treatments for Alzheimer’s patients.

A: Beacon40™ is designed for use as a complement to your doctor-prescribed Alzheimer’s therapy. You should not use this product if you have a history of seizures or epilepsy, or have been diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy. Consult a doctor before use if you believe you may be prone to photosensitive epileptic seizures.

Q: Is there anyone who should not use Beacon40?

Having the BEACON40 lights makes us feel a bit more hopeful. We use the BEACON40 lights set up around the TV. It is very important that this didn’t interrupt my husband’s TV time. As his caregiver, I was concerned about the light being uncomfortable for me, but that’s not the case. I enjoy them too.

Sandy M.

We got the lights for my husband Michael. I put them on everyday. We sit down. Get comfortable.  It’s a no-brainer. We use them more than an hour a day for sure. They are so easy to use. Now, Michael is able to think more clearly and is becoming more of himself again. He can play poker again and laughs more. He is sleeping a little deeper and his recall is better too --  maybe 50% percent better.

Janie W.

When we got the Beacon40 for my mother-in-law when we noticed that her forgetfulness was more than just old age. At that time, she was also incredibly irritable.  Everything bothered her.  After a few weeks of using the lights every day, she became calmer, more relaxed and more engaged. It makes us feel better knowing that there was something we could do to help.

David S.

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to help my mom. After she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s my sister and I looked for everything that could help. BEACON40 was super easy to set up and get started. After a few months of daily use, we saw notable improvement in our mom’s moods. We’re so grateful that this was so affordable and easy to use.

Jenia T.

This could just be the “Hail Mary” that I was looking for.

Victoria S.

I want my parents to maintain their independence as long as possible. When I learned that 40Hz lights benefit brain health I got it for them because I want them to have this advantage. My parents are using the lights everyday at home. The lights fit right into their habits and we’re all sleeping better knowing that this helps them.

Daniel P.

I feel more productive and at ease after using the lights for several months now

Janie W.